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Brač island is situated in the middle part of Dalmatia, region known of rich architecture and astonish flora living in such extreme conditions. From long time it has impressed visitors of it's pure, untouched human's hand landscapes. Every tired wanderer who seeks natural harmony with nature tresures situated in Dalmatian's land finds here calm harbour. Famous Brač's beach formed of pea gravel is known as Zlatni Rat, what means Golden Cape, which exsitence is not reavealed mystery to novadays. White marble and all kinds of Dalmatian's stones are used to build local unique architecture tresures. As for example Dioclecian's Palace in Split or White House in Washington. Every's traveler for long time memorise spectacular dusk which one can admire from top of the Vidova Gora, from which can be seen panoramic view of the Golden Cape and local islands appear from sea like desert mirage.

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Whisper's wind, scent of lavender and songs of happy inhabitants imbues creating picture of Croatians islands. Ancient settlements are carrying stories of two thousand years old. Closing ones eyes it easy to imagine past civilisations of people as we are passing via narrow seaside streets. Theirs joyousness and sorrowfulness, scent of flowers, sounds of streets, that what cannot be told by sublime words. Visit enchanted island Brač and feel Your own adventure in the place where for long time symbolise harmony, happiness and peace so needed novadays. Idyllic place of blissful restfull is town Selca with charming seaside settlement Puntinak. We can find there fetching beaches, restaurants and appartments waiting for explorers. It is ideal space for evening walking by the smooth moon's light. Three levels Karmen's appartments located 40 meters from closest pea gravel beach with miraculous view of seaport town Sumartin away about 2 kilometers. Morning Coffee taste nowhere like here by the view of monumental Gór Dynarskich with each breathtaking dusk admired from terrace.